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Vertical Blind Repairs

Lovitt Blinds & Drapery is the largest Blind Repair Service Center in Illinois!

We repair over 10,000 Blinds & Window Shades per year!

Our company has been repairing Vertical Blinds for OVER 11 years! IF we are NOT able to repair your Vertical Blinds, then NO ONE will be able to help you either. IF that is the case, we do sell brand NEW Vertical Tracks. (Vertical Headrail) Vertical Tracks are VERY low priced, compared to having to buy the WHOLE Vertical Blind all over again!

Vertical Track Repair Cost (price is below)

Vertical Track Repairs range from $59-$125 to FULLY repair (price pending issues, labor & parts needed)

 IF your vertical track is NOT repairable, we do sell brand new vertical tracks at the best prices around! (please see below)

NEW Vertical Track Replacement Cost (price is below)

NEW Vertical Tracks UP TO 4 ft wide cost = $149

NEW Vertical Tracks UP TO 5 ft wide cost = $159

NEW Vertical Tracks UP TO 6 ft wide cost = $169

NEW Vertical Tracks UP TO 7 ft wide cost = $179

NEW Vertical Tracks UP TO 8 ft wide cost = $189

Extra Footage AFTER 8 ft wide, cost $10 extra per foot.

Please see the diagrams below for ALL of the Vertical Blinds hardware & parts that can break. 


NEED HELP REMOVING YOUR VERTICALS? Please see the 3 step process below. (see photo below)


(prices listed above)

Do your broken Vertical Blinds look like the photo below? This is NOT an attractive look! Call us TODAY & SAVE money, by getting your Vertical Blinds repaired & looking great! Contact Us By Clicking This Link


*Sometimes it is NOT best to spend money on an OLD & BROKEN Vertical Track. Instead we sometimes recommend that you buy a NEW Vertical Track instead. We sell NEW Vertical Tracks & the prices are listed above! Our Vertical Tracks should last you at least 7-14 years. (pending how you take care of the vertical tracks, of course....and your dogs too!)

Did you know that we also offer Blind Repairs, Blind Cleaning, Drapery Cleaning & we sell HunterDouglas Blinds, Window Shades, Shutters, Roller Shades, Vertical Blinds, PowerView Remote Control Blinds, Sheers, Wood Blinds & Metal Blinds + MORE!


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