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Cordless Cellular Shade Top Down Bottom Up

Window blinds and shades work hard to filter natural light, maintain privacy, and keep a house warmer on cold days  & cooler on hot days. Pets, kids, and other accidents can cause unintentional damage to your window treatments. Lift Cords break for any number of reasons. Constant pulling up & down of a blind will produce friction. Friction causes heat.  Heat causes weakness of parts & mechanisms. Moreover, when blinds are not working correctly, your privacy, comfort, and décor can be compromised.  Although it can be unbelievably upsetting, throwing your window blinds or shades away is not the only option.

Cordless Roman Shade Top Down Bottom Up

Fixing your window blinds and shades can be more difficult & frustrating than you think. A lot could go wrong. A simple fix could turn into a major repair. Also, what worst is, if you accidentally damage the material like poked a big hole into it or accidentally ripped it, then you are out of luck. Fabric & Sheer material cannot be fixed.

Cordless Parts

Most blinds & shades have enclosed headrail. You have to slide out the headrail to see the broken parts. Sometimes headrail gets caught onto the material & slice the fabric open if you don't know how to take the headrail off carefully. Most of the internal components with this type of headrail are so complicated to understand. For example the Cordless Shades, it has motors & transmissions, spools & cord guides. It takes special skills & knowledge to put them all together; otherwise, you will ruin these expensive parts.

Broken Parts Inside Wood Blind Headrail

Yes, most blinds have open headrail; therefore, it’s easy to see the broken parts internally. As you look at your blind, you figured out what’s causing of your blind to stop working. Then you tried fixing it yourself. You wonder why the parts that you ordered does not fit. It’s either too big or too small. Then you keep trying to buy the right ones until you find out how much these parts are costing you. In the end, you gave up & got frustrated because cords & parts are going the wrong way & not fitting right.

Window Covering Parts

In conclusion, repairing your own blinds or window shades is a waste of your time. There are thousands of parts and mechanisms in the market with different sizes & shapes. There are also hundreds of different sizes of cords for different types of blinds & shades. It is absurd how parts & strings become costly when you try to do it yourself. So why don’t you leave it to the expert and be stress-free?

Lovitt Blinds and Drapery have been in business for repairing broken window blinds and shades for over 12 years. We have been servicing all over the Chicago & Chicagoland area.  Repairing blinds & window shades repairs, is one of our specialty. Repairs can be complicated, but our team is trained and experienced in making sure your blinds & shades are back to its normal function. All of our blind repair professionals are knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about what we do.

Lovitt Blinds and Drapery offer three different types of services. First, if you know how to take your blinds down or someone can take it down for you, bring your broken window shades & blinds to our 2 drop-off locations ( Downers Grove, IL & Northbrook IL). Second, we offer Pick-up & Delivery (take-down & re-hang). All you do is open the door for us & we’ll do all the work for you. Lastly, you can ship the broken blinds to us. Yes, you heard it right, send your broken window covering to us & we’ll ship right back to your once it's repaired.

Hunter Douglas Products Lifetime Limited Warranty

Even though we repair all types and all brands in the market, we are an Authorized Repair Service Center of Hunter Douglas in the Chicagoland area. Visit Lifetime Limited Warranty to find out if your blinds are warranty covered or not if you have a Hunter Douglas Blinds. Contact Us Today For More Details!

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