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Natural Light - How It Affects Your Mood and Your Life

Natural lighting’s many benefits have been proven by science. Human beings not only enjoy being in natural light, but we are subconsciously drawn to spaces lit by the sun. Why are we so seemingly hard-wired for sunlight? It has much to do with the fact that light from the sun provides humans with a host of health benefits.

Natural light can also be a healthy choice for our wallets and the environment when we allow it to warm our homes, lessening our dependence on electricity. However, there are also times when the amount of light entering a home needs to be controlled, as lengthy periods of exposure can fade furniture fabrics and carpeting.

It’s all about achieving the right balance, and our team at Lovitt Blinds & Drapery can certainly help with the wide range of quality window coverings we have in stock. First, however, let’s talk about how light affects our health.


Natural Light Benefits Mental Health

It is thought that when the skin is exposed to an optimal amount of sunlight, higher amounts of serotonin are triggered for release by the brain. This hormone elevates the mood, reduces stress, and increases focus.

In contrast, decreased exposure to natural light, such as at nighttime, triggers the release of melatonin, which encourages sleepiness. When exposure to natural light is very low over a long period of time, it can lead to abnormally low levels of serotonin. Continuously low serotonin levels can result in seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression.

Reduced exposure to natural light can also lead to other disorders, such as panic attacks and anxiety. Light therapy is used to stimulate serotonin production, which can help to reverse these conditions. The purchase of a light box may be all that’s needed to ensure the highest possible light exposure.

Natural Light Benefits Physical Health

When exposure to UVB rays occurs, the skin creates vitamin D, which plays a significant role in bone health. As well, moderate exposure to sunlight may also prevent pancreatic, ovarian, colon, and several other types of cancers.


Many skin conditions, including eczema, acne, and psoriasis may also benefit from exposure to UV rays. As well, light exposure may be linked to the improvement of other conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

The Importance of Controlled Exposure

The World Health Organization suggests that optimal exposure to sunlight is between 5 and 15 minutes up to three times weekly. They also advise that this controlled exposure should occur to the face, hands and arms, and that these should not be covered by clothing or sunscreen.

Too much exposure, such as in the case of glare, can negatively affect productivity, increase the chance of mistakes, result in more strain on the eyes, and even cause a downturn in general mood. Also, increased and prolonged exposure to UV rays can result in damage to skin DNA, which can lead to more serious health conditions.


Inside the home, the rays of the sun can shorten the life of flooring, fabrics, paint, and artwork. Increased amounts of light over long periods can also affect the temperature and humidity levels in a room, which can cause condensation to form on windows, as well as possible damage to musical instruments, which require more specific environmental conditions.

Thankfully, controlled exposure is readily available when quality products from Lovitt Blinds & Drapery are installed on the windows of your home, or after your Hunter Douglas blinds repairs are complete to restore functionality.

Blinds and Drapery Offer Many Benefits

The ability to control natural light with blinds and drapery can have several advantages for homeowners.

Longer Enjoyment of Household Items

When the natural light entering a home is able to be controlled, the fabric found in carpeting and furniture can be preserved, allowing fibers to retain their strength, durability, and color vibrancy. Artwork and paint are also protected from fading and cracking, which can prevent the high cost of restoration.

Hard flooring can also benefit from the reduction of direct natural light, which can cause wood and wood products to warp and fade.

Temperature Control

The ability to control the amount of direct sunlight that enters a home can also help decrease interior temperature naturally. This will prevent air conditioning units from having to work so hard to maintain desired room temperature, which also lengthens their useful life.

During cooler months, increased sunlight can lengthen the life of home heating systems by not requiring them to run as long to heat the home.

Why Quality Matters

Quality is an important characteristic when it comes to blinds and drapery, not only because of the benefits they offer to a home’s curb appeal and overall elegance of décor, but because they play several other important roles.

Durable construction is the most critical aspect, where the goal is to choose the most beneficial blinds for a home. Blinds made from durable materials will not only last longer, but will retain their strength and require little maintenance apart from Lovitt blinds cleaning.


Characteristics of Quality Blinds

High-quality blinds such as those available from Lovitt Blinds & Drapery have certain characteristics which set them apart from other products. One example are window coverings which are labeled as being energy efficient. These kinds of coverings will increase the insulating value of any window over which they are placed, resulting in high energy efficiency when all windows are able to be covered.

The ability of a window covering to insulate against noise also increases with its quality. Just as a window’s insulating value increases when quality window coverings are installed, so too does its ability to block noise from traffic, neighbors, and passers-by.

Other types of blinds, such as light-blocking products, offer customers the assurance that very little or no light will enter a room, which can be incredibly important in households where some members engaging in shift work are required to get their rest during daylight hours.


Quality blinds are also capable of multitasking. For example, honeycomb blinds offer both energy and efficiency. Their construction creates a temperature-transfer barrier between window and room, increasing the heat-conductive properties of the air trapped in each cell of the blind.

These coverings can also provide privacy and glare reduction when opaque varieties are chosen, but also allow light to enter a room.

The companies who make quality blinds are continually invested in finding new and innovative ways to provide their customers with increased privacy, better light blockage, and higher overall control of the amount of light which enter their homes.

High-quality manufacturers also provide warranties. One example is the Hunter Douglas blind repair and product replacement warranty. These kinds of assurances provide customers with much peace of mind.

Should Drapery Be Removed?

Many homeowners wonder if they should discard their drapery altogether after having invested in quality blinds. The fact of the matter is that quality drapery also has insulating, privacy, and noise-reduction benefits that can be combined with those found in blind products.

Other advantages of drapery is that it can affect the perceived size of a space. In a small room, for instance, floor-to-ceiling drapery in a light color can draw the eye upward and outward, causing the brain to interpret a higher ceiling and increased room width.

Aesthetically-speaking, those wishing to use both blinds and drapery on their windows are not committing any home décor offenses, thanks to high flexibility in interior styles. Indeed, with modern interior design, anything goes.

A set of quality drapery may benefit from one or more sessions of professional cleaning in order to reclaim its aesthetics and functionality, which can save the homeowner from having to invest in new products or avoid having to lose a quality product unnecessarily.

When the right kind of window coverings are in place, a healthy amount of natural light can be allowed to enter without having to sacrifice the quality of furnishings, usability of home appliances, or quality of life. Discover your many options for quality window coverings by filling out our contact form or calling the Lovitt Blinds & Draperyteamat(630) 729-0236.

Contact Lovitt Blinds at (630) 403-6090 today for more information regarding blind and drapery services.


The Benefits of Having New Hunter Douglas Blinds

There are several benefits of getting new Hunter Douglas blinds to replace your existing draperies and outdated blinds. Having new blinds installed by a professional is one of the quickest and fastest ways to change the appearance of the rooms of your home and give them an updated look to reflect current design trends.

Hunter Douglas Blind Repair

Other benefits your new blinds will provide include:

  • A wide assortment of colors, styles, and patterns is available. From horizontal and vertical blinds to shear and honeycomb blinds, you are free to choose the ones that best reflect your sense of style and taste.
  • Allow you to regulate the amount of natural light in the room. Unlike drapes that can either be opened or closed, you can adjust the angle of the blinds to direct and control the amount of sunlight coming into the room.
  • Choice of custom-made blinds in an array of materials. You also have the option of choosing from wood, cloth, bamboo, and other materials to further customize your blinds to your liking.
  • Easier to maintain compared to draperies. Most blinds just require dusting about once a week to maintain their appearance. For special material types, you will want to have them professionally cleaned once a month.
  • You have more control over the level of privacy you desire. You can even use multiple styles of blinds on the same windows for complete privacy.

For more information about the different types of blinds and customization options, please feel free to contact Lovitt Blinds & Draperies at (630) 729-0236 or (224) 723-5197 today!


How to Make Your Living Room Stylish for the Spring

There are all sorts of affordable ways to give your living room a detailed “spring cleaning” and make it more stylish. The first thing you will want to do is decide what aspects of the room you want to change.

Living Room Stylish for the Spring

To help get your creative thought processes started, consider these tips and suggestions:

  1. Clean your blinds and draperies. Most people dislike doing this task and, fortunately for them, Lovitt blinds cleaners not only cleans blinds but also draperies.
  2. Paint the ceiling a new color. Did you know many people never think about painting their ceilings? Choosing a color that is an off-white or one that is at least 60-70% lighter than the walls can change the appearance of the room.
  3. Move pictures and wall art around. Swapping out pictures and art from one room to another or rearranging existing pieces and putting them in new locations within the room gives it a new feel.
  4. Set out vases of fresh cut flowers. You can brighten up the room and add the wonderful fragrances and smells of spring using your favorites.
  5. Rearrange the furniture. You would be surprised how moving the furniture around and getting rid of one or two pieces can liven up the room.

Remember to call Lovitt Blinds & Drapery at (630) 403-6090 today for all of your blind and drapery cleaning and repair services, as well as new custom blinds!


Why Should You Replace Outdated Blinds with New Hunter Douglas Blinds?

Blinds do wear out over time and, eventually, you will find you need to replace them. There are all sorts of reasons for replacing them with new Hunter Douglas blinds, as follows:

  • Broken Slats – Pets, children, and normal wear and tear can cause slats to crack and break, leaving gaps.
  • Discolored/Yellowing Slats – Slats can fade from exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Broken Cords – Cords start to show they are wearing out when they begin fraying and eventually break, making it difficult to open and close the blinds.
  • Warped Slats – Slats can warp and bend from continued exposure to sunlight and changes in temperatures.
  • Hardware Failure – The moving parts inside the blinds can break or seize up.

Blind Cleaning Service

Aside from normal aging, there are other reasons to replace your blinds. For instance, if you have small children and are moving into a new home, the current blinds might not be safe. You could also have recently renovated a room in your home and updated the décor, changed the color of the walls, or had new energy-efficient windows installed.

In addition, there is a wide assortment of blinds available that provide energy saving features, like honeycomb blinds to help block out direct sunlight and keep rooms cooler in the summer. For assistance in selecting new blinds for your home, please feel free to contact Lovitt Blinds & Drapery at (630) 403-6090 today. We offer a wide range of blinds to choose from to update the rooms in your home!



Media Summary


Custom Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas

Similar to honeycomb shades and window blinds near Downers Grove, IL, Hunter Douglas Roman shades are an exceptional type of window treatment. With Roman shades gracing every window and glass door in a house, homeowners will have beautiful window treatments that come with many benefits. Watch the short video from Hunter Douglas to learn more about custom Roman shades.

Dangling cords are one of many concerns homeowners have about installing window blinds in their home. With Hunter Douglas’ Roman shades, homeowners have the option of cordless, retractable cords, and motorized versions. Along with exceptional fabrics and colors, the cord options make the Roman shades some of the most popular window treatments. Speak with a certified Hunter Douglas dealer and blind cleaning service about installing Roman shades right away.

Reasons to Buy from Lovitt Blinds

Lovitt Blinds is a family business that offers the people of Downers Grove, IL exceptional blind cleaning services and window treatment products. Many people may not realize their window blinds, shades, and draperies should be cleaned a certain way. If these window treatments are cleaned incorrectly, it often results in irreparably damaged products and ruined window treatments. However, Lovitt Blinds has become a leading expert in blind and shutter cleaning near Downers Grove, IL, as well as being an authorized dealer of the exceptional window treatments offered by Hunter Douglas. Continue reading for a few of the many reasons why everyone should purchase products and services from Lovitt Blinds.

Lovitt Blinds is an authorized dealer in Hunter Douglas window treatments. These blinds and shades are some of the best in the industry, and Hunter Douglas does not trust just anybody to sell their products.

  • Lovitt Blinds has years of dedicated service and knowledge in blind, shade, drapery, and shutter cleaning. No matter what type of window treatment, Lovitt Blinds can repair and clean it quickly and efficiently.
  • Lovitt Blinds puts its customers first. Whether homeowners need help designing their new window treatments, repairing them or cleaning them, Lovitt Blinds can do the job.

The Benefits of Honeycomb Shades

One of the best window blinds on the market is Hunter Douglas’ honeycomb shades near Downers Grove, IL. Honeycomb shades offer homeowners many benefits, like increased energy savings and better light control. Many blind cleaning services and window treatment stores offer these exceptional shades, because they are so popular among homeowners. Here is a closer look at the many benefits that can be found by choosing honeycomb shades:

Added Insulation

Perhaps the biggest benefit of honeycomb shades is the added insulation they provide. Due to the layered nature that creates these popular Hunter Douglas window treatments, honeycomb shades add a layer of insulation that traps cold or warm air as needed. With this extra layer of insulation covering all of the windows of the house, the heating and cooling costs may lower, which results in increased savings through lower use of the heater and air conditioner. Due to the layering of honeycomb shades, they must be trusted with a professional blind cleaning service that will safely and correctly repair any damages or stains.

Increased Privacy

Honeycomb shades can come in several different colors and designs, but they make one continuous sheet of fabric over every window. By using honeycomb shades, over traditional blinds or shutters, homeowners will have a better privacy experience. Opaque honeycomb shades will fully cover windows and allow homeowners maximum privacy while inside their homes.

Extra Light Control

Many homeowners may refrain from purchasing dark blinds because they worry about the amount of light control they will have. With Hunter Douglas’ honeycomb shades, however, homeowners have the maximum amount of light control, especially when combined with their privacy needs. Though honeycomb shades come in multiple colors, the fabric is made in such a way to allow in softened sunlight without overheating the house. Honeycomb shades also come with a feature that allows homeowners to lift or lower the shades from the top and bottom. With this added control, homeowners can shift their honeycomb shades as they wish in response to the sun’s light.

What Affects Your Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality indicates the state of a home or building’s indoor air. If there are clean blinds and regularly-cleaned appliances and furnishings, then the air quality will most likely be healthy and fresh. However, if the window blinds in Downers Grove, IL are not cleaned regularly, and the air filters and air conditioners are in poor condition, then indoor air quality may be affected. Let’s take a closer look at what might affect a home’s indoor air quality.

Increased Allergens

One of the leading causes of poor indoor air quality comes from increased allergens inside and outside the house. When windows and doors are left open, the family can suffer from increased allergy symptoms. Pollen, dirt, and other damaging factors can all enter the home and cause the air quality to degrade. These allergens can be decreased by closing windows and doors and cleaning up dust-prone areas of the house, like draperies and dirty blinds.

Uncleaned HVAC Systems

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, also known as HVAC, is one of the first places to check when indoor air quality might be affected. Often, the heating and cooling appliances may need to be cleaned or serviced to return them to peak efficiency. Both of these common household appliances need to be serviced by a professional once a year. Another crucial aspect of keeping an HVAC system running well is by regularly changing out the air filter. The air filter should be changed throughout the year and more frequently during the summer months, when the air conditioner is running more often.

Dirty House Furnishings

Allergens around the house are often increased because the house is not cleaned regularly. Carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week, and surfaces should be dusted every week. Dirty blinds or dirty curtains should be professionally cleaned to ensure all allergens and dust are removed. These areas of the house often contain the largest collection of dust and allergens because of their proximity to open windows and doors. Speak with a blind cleaning service to keep them regularly cleaned and free of allergens and dust.

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