We offer 4 different options...

#1...Drop off your dirty blinds or dirty window shades to our store! (Downers Grove, IL & Northbrook, IL)
#2...Schedule a Pick-Up & Delivery appointment, for us to take-down & re-hang your blinds for you!
#3...We can offer “In-Home” window shade & drapery cleaning service! We clean the shades & drapery right where it hangs!

#4...Ship us your blinds! (it's easy! Just make sure to include your contact info & a pre-paid return shipping label inside) 

What type of blinds do you clean?
We clean EVERY type of blind on the market. We are certified eco-green blind & drapery cleaners and can FULLY clean any window treatment on the market!

How do you clean the blinds?
We start off by FULLY inspecting EVERY blind from head to toe, for any noticeable issues. Once the blinds pass our inspection, we then hand detail every inch of the blinds, front & back. Once we are finished, we then submerge each blinds one-at-a-time into our Ultra Sonic Cleaning tank. Once the blinds are in the tank, there will be 40,000 micro bubbles PER second, the bubbles are 10 TIMES smaller than the tip of a needle, those micro bubbles FULLY clean off ALL of the dirt, dust, oils, bacteria, grime, soot, nicotine, smoke damage, bed bugs, dust mites, germs, bugs & spiders AND A LOT more! Ultra Sonic Cleaning is the SAFEST cleaning method around! Plus, we are Eco-Green Blind & Drapery Cleaners, so ALL of our cleaning solutions are the SAFEST on the market.

Do I need to take down the blinds and bring them to your store?
If you know how to take them down, you will save money. Otherwise we do offer FULL Service Pick-up & Delivery. We could take-down and re-hang back up the blinds for you for a small fee.

How long is the cleaning turn-a-round when I drop off the blinds at your store?
It ALL depend on how dirty the blinds are. If you are bringing the blinds to our store, the turn-a-round most of the time is as early as same-day OR next day turn-a-round, or 2 business days MAX.

How long is the cleaning turn-a-round with pick-up from my home?
It ALL depend on how dirty the blinds are. The turn-a-round most of the time is as early as next day turn-a-round, or 2 business days MAX. IF the blinds need a deeper cleaning, we offer an extra cleaning at NO charge, but that takes EXTRA time...maybe 2-3 business days turn-a-round MAX. *Subject to change, call ahead to verify first.

Do you clean blinds inside my home?
We can ONLY clean cloth/fabric blinds inside your home and EVERY type of drapery in your home. If your blinds are not made out of cloth/fabric, then we would need to take down the blinds and bring the blinds back to our cleaning facility to be FULLY clean. Once we are finished cleaning the blinds, we will bring the blinds back to your home and re-hang them for you. OR you can bring the blinds to our store yourself, if you know how to down the blinds and that will save you money.

Do you offer spot/stain treating?
Yes! We are Certified Blind & Drapery Cleaners that ONLY specialize on cleaning blinds and drapery. We can remove MOST stains. (i.e. water damage, coffee, blood, urine, wine, ink, food stains, bug stains, AND other stains) However, it all depends on what type of stain and how long it has been on the drapery. We make no promises that the stains will FULLY come out, however, we guarantee that we will offer you your best chances of getting the stains out!

Do you offer any guarantee on your cleaning?
Yes! We guarantee that we will get your window treatments as clean as you'll ever get them! The window treatments will NOT be brand new, they will still be older window treatments, but they will be clean! Depending on the issues, 99% of the time, our customers are very happy with the cleaning, the other 1% of the time, the window treatments were in too poor of condition to be saved.

Is Blind Cleaning worth the money? Or should I buy NEW blinds?
It ALL depends on the condition of your blinds. MOST of the time, blind cleaning is well worth doing VS. buying NEW blinds. Lovitt Blinds offers a "Money Back Guarantee on Blind Cleaning" the way it works is like this...IF you are NOT fully happy with our blind cleaning, it is NOT our cleaning, it's your blinds. So with that said, IF you decide you want NEW blinds, instead of blind cleaning...we will give you a FULL blind cleaning refund towards a purchase of NEW blinds through our company. For EVERY one blind that you want to buy NEW, we would need to keep the old blind that you're replacing, as proof, in order to refund that money back to you.

Will my blinds shrink?
NO! We NEVER will shrink any blinds! We are FULLY certified blind cleaners & we clean over 20,000 blinds per year! We NEVER shrunk anyone's blinds & we NEVER will. Our cleaning crew is fully trained to clean ANY window treatment on the market!

Can you remove bugs from inside my blinds?
YES! We have removed OVER 99% percent of ALL of the bugs inside of our customer's blinds. This is a very common problem that we see every day. We do a very good job at removing the bugs & very safe as well.

Do you install blinds OR install NEW brackets?
NO. We do NOT install blinds hardware, however we can FULLY remove your blinds, for cleaning and/or repair & then come back & FULLY re-hang your blinds back to where we originally found your blinds. However, we do NOT install blinds hardware (i.e. brackets or NEW blinds) ALL of the brackets MUST stay up on the wall and/or window the entire time, OR you will need to hire a 3rd party installer, which could get expensive. *CALL US FIRST, WE CAN ANSWER ALL OF YOUR CONCERNS.

Can you clean the hard-to-reach areas on my blinds?
Yes! We hand detail EVERY inch on each blinds & then we machine wash EVERY blinds. By time we are finished, your blinds will NEVER get cleaner.

Will your cleaning damage my blinds?
NO! Our blind cleaning process is very safe! We use Ultra Sonic cleaning, which is sound waves under water that removes EVERYTHING that should NOT be on the blinds.

Will you clean the cords on the blinds? (OR other parts on the blinds?)
YES! The entire blind & cords ALL get submerged into the cleaning tank. Whatever goes inside our cleaning tank gets AS CLEAN as you'll ever get it! Our cleaning does NOT damage or harm ANY part of the blinds. It is FULLY safe!

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