We Clean Every Type of Drapery!

At Lovitt Blinds & Drapery, we offer drapery cleaning services! Our team is highly experienced and capable of restoring nearly any type of drapery to a clean & beautiful new-like condition. Whether you come to us or need us to come to you, you can expect quality service & at an incredible price as we ensure your drapery, curtains, sheers & more, will look like new again!

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Got Dirty Drapery?

Why Should You Clean Your Draperies?

Draperies are often ignored or forgotten as part of a regular cleaning routine. However, drapery cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy & beautiful home or office interior.

Drapery Cleaning Services that we offer….

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✔ Drapery Cleaning
✔ In-Home Drapery Cleaning
✔ Take-Down, Clean & Re-Hang Service
✔ Drop-Off Drapery Cleaning Service
✔ Injection/Extraction Cleaning
*To one of our 2 Chicagoland stores

We also offer the following services below…

Blind Repair Services
Window Shade Repairs
Window Shade Cleaning
Blind Cleaning Services

If we can’t get your Drapery cleaned, no one will guaranteed.

Benefits of Professional Drapery Cleaning By Us - Lovitt Blinds & Drapery

Eco-friendly, gentle and effective cleaning services for the Chicagoland area! We can safely clean ALL of your drapery right in your home! (We also offer take-down, cleaning & re-hang service)

With quality Chicagoland area drapery cleaning services from our team at Lovitt Blinds & Drapery, you can quickly and effectively have your drapery cleaned. Our company not only offers drapery cleaning at our 2 local shops, but we also offer on-site (in-home) cleaning right at your location. This means that your drapery stays right where it is and you save money, as well as time, by not having them taken down and re-hung!

We clean ALL types of drapery, including: Sheers, blackout drapes, window shadings, honeycomb shades, modern roman shades, roman shades, convertible shades, vertical drapery, Swags, jabots, balloons, cornices, valances, We also offer window blind cleaning.

No matter how dirty, we can clean your Drapes.

No matter how dirty, we can clean your Drapes.

in home blinds & Drapery Cleaning services

in home blinds & Drapery Cleaning services

Take-down & re-hanging services are available

Take-down & re-hanging services are available

Why Lovitt Blinds and Drapery?

Why choose Lovitt Blinds and Drapery to clean your draperies? Because we are…

  • Experienced – Every single year we clean OVER 10,000 blinds, window shades & drapery

  • Expert – No matter what type of drapery OR blinds you have, we know how to clean it.

  • Eco-Friendly – We clean the eco-green way, meaning our drapery cleaning services are easy on the planet, your home, your drapes and your health.

  • Certified – We offer certified drapery cleaning, so you know you’re in good hands.

  • Inclusive – We provide both on-site and off-site drapery cleaning services.

  • Family-Run & Family-Oriented – We’re a family-run business. From the moment we make contact to the moment we leave your family’s home, we take great pride in providing professional services with a friendly face. 

Drapery & Curtain Cleaning
Draperies and curtains are a wonderful way to dress up your windows, adding color and personality to complete the look of any room. However, draperies, curtains, and other fabric window treatments are particularly susceptible to dirt, dust, and other sources of soiling over time. Professional drapery cleaning is the very best way to protect your window treatments and improve the quality of the air you breathe every day. When you work with Lovitt Blinds & Drapery to clean and restore your draperies, you’ll receive fast, professional drapery services with guaranteed protection for your window treatments in Chicago and the Chicagoland areas, regardless of whether you opt for our on-site or in-store drapery cleaning service.

Major Benefits of Hiring a Drapery Cleaning Service:

  • Draperies and curtains are not the same as the other types of home fabrics. All too often, homeowners cause irreparable shrinkage, fading, and other damage to their window treatments with improper cleaning practices. Working with a professional drapery cleaning service offers several benefits, including guaranteed protection for your window coverings.

  • Drapery cleaning is yet another item to add to your long to-do list of home chores. Working with a professional drapery cleaning service allows you to check off this item quickly and easily without taking time away from your schedule, particularly if you opt for onsite drapery cleaning.

  • A drapery cleaning professional understands how to care for and clean all types of drapery fabrics. Because these fabrics do not respond to washing and cleaning in the same way as other home linens, it’s essential to have them cleaned by a company that understands how to care for them without causing damage or shrinkage.

  • Clean, vibrant window treatments can completely transform the look of your home, whether you’re planning a party, thinking about selling your property, or simply feeling that your home looks tired and faded. If you’re looking for a way to renew and refresh your home’s interior without purchasing new window treatments or accessories, curtain cleaning is a simple and effective solution.

Injection/extraction cleaning. This type of cleaning injects a cleaning solution into the fabric and extracts the dirty solution in the same motion. It is a very effective way to deep clean your window blinds, window shades & drapery. The service is typically performed in the home so there is no need to remove your window treatments. WE OFFER THIS METHOD! ✔

How Do Drapes Get So Dirty? Handling your drapes daily can transfer lotions, natural oils, and other substances from your skin to the fabric of your window treatments. Furthermore, every time you open a window or vacuum, pollen, dirt, and dust are stirred up in the air of your home, frequently settling on drapes. Over time, your draperies can quickly become faded, dirty, and harbor several types of allergens that can exacerbate respiratory conditions and reduce the quality of your home’s indoor air. Drapery cleaning is the perfect way to completely restore the original look and quality of your window coverings.


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