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Smooth out your design plan by mingling textures.

A mix of textures provides balance and adds character.

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Think of these textural contrasts:

  • Thick and thin

  • Soft and hard

  • Bumpy and smooth

  • Silky and rough

  • Flexible and stiff

Consider a variety of textural elements for your home:

  • Distressed or faux paint and stain finishes

  • A natural contoured edge for a wood table or counter top

  • Ridges or embossed patterns in wall coverings

  • Knotty or unfinished wood

  • Shaggy or contoured carpeting and rugs

  • Rugged fabrics such as tweed, tapestry and some wool

  • Tufted upholstery or even ruffles

  • Rough finishes on stone floors or back-splashes

  • Natural furniture made of rattan or wicker

  • Textured woven wood shades

Rough up your interior plan by adding tactile textures this season! They'll enhance the feeling of your home.

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Texture is the key to any successful interior design.  While color, pattern and proportion are also important, a room devoid of textural contrasts is simply boring.  Read on to learn how you can mix textures to create a room full of interest and depth.

Texture, while it has always been an important element of design, has really taken the forefront in trendy home interiors over the past several years.  The juxtaposition of varied textures creates interest and depth on a new level, and it really isn’t difficult to achieve.

The key to successfully mixing textures is to look for items from different categories including  rough and rustic, smooth and satiny, and metallic. For example, if your room contains a rustic stone fireplace, such as the one in the photo below, consider contrasting the fireplace with a smooth leather sofa and woven window treatments.  The textural mix could even be taken a step further by the introduction of a mirrored side table or shiny glass vase on the mantle.

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