Hunter Douglas Blinds Help Control Indoor Temps

Your windows are not only a source of sunlight for inside your home but, also, generate heat as the sunlight passes through the glass. During the wintertime, this is great because the sun can naturally help heat your home. However, in the summertime, the last thing you want is the sun creating more heat inside the home, as this causes your air conditioner to work hard, run longer, and increase your energy bills.

To keep that unwanted heat out of the home in the summer, having custom designed Hunter Douglas blinds installed can help. There are specific designs, like cellular (honeycomb) blinds, that block out the light and prevent heat from entering the home. These are great for windows that get direct sunlight all day long. Did you know that Hunter Douglas is the leader of energy efficiency products

Another alternative, if you want to ensure the room is lit as brightly as possible by the sun but without the added heat, is to consider custom designed sheers and shades. These window coverings allow a greater amount of diffused light in and feature UV protection and rotatable vanes to vary light control and privacy.

For the summertime, you want to make sure the exterior backing on your blinds is white or lightly colored to reflect back the most light and create the least amount of heat. To learn more about custom blinds and shades for your home to help keep it cooler all summer long, please feel free to call Lovitt Blinds & Drapery at (630) 729-0236 today! Contact us today to learn more!


Up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows. The superior design of our Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades trap air in distinct pockets to help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The Pioneer of Design and Efficiency

Duette® Honeycomb Shades are the original cellular shades, specifically engineered to provide beauty and energy efficiency at the window in both cold and warm climates. Their honeycomb construction traps air in distinct pockets, which creates insulation that can help lower your energy consumption and energy bills.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades are available in an expansive range of pleat sizes, fabrics, colors, opacities and textures. Innovative operating system design options such as Top-Down/Bottom-Up, TrackGlide™ and Duette® Duolite® make these shades a top choice for any window, skylight or even specialty window shapes like arches, sidelights and circles.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades are available in a single-cell design as well as the industry-leading Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades, which features a honeycomb within a honeycomb for maximum energy efficiency.